When I’m not working, I’m a husband and a father to my 10 year-old daughter. When the weather’s fair, you can find the lot of us spending a day out on the water for a family day.

Other than that, or when the weather isn’t quite so pleasant, I often go fishing with my mates, dabble in trout fishing and ride quad bikes.

I love to read in the evenings, especially early New Zealand history, with a cup of my own brew in my hand.

Besides having fun, I run my own business…!

Jon Kyle
Jon Kyle

Kyle Air Conditioning Ltd is a marine refridgeration, heating and air conditioning company that began in 1996 as Central Cooling Ltd by Jon Kyle. Since 1996 our company has serviced furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, boilers and refrigerators for both residential and commercial clients in the Auckland Suburbs. Futhermore CCS Ltd is a IQP registerted company