What does a heat pump do?

A heat pumps moves heat into or out of the room it is located in.

How does a heat pump save on heating bills?

Heat pumps manage to drag heat out of seemingly cold air, and compress it untill it is noticeably hot , this heat is free and you only pay for the power to compress this free heat.

How much can be saved on heating costs with a heat pump?

If you are paying $10 per day to heat your home with an electric heater you would save $7 to do the same with a heat pump.

What is airconditioning?

Air conditioning is a means to control the temperature and humidity levels in your home / office also they clean and freshen the air automatically.

How do I decide what type of heat pump / aircon I need?

You ask an expert at kyle air to give you a free in home /office consultation.

What are the risks from buying from a large hardware or electrical store?

You run the risk of purchasing a system that is not matched to your needs.. airconditioners are not a cash and carry item

What should i expect to pay for a proper install?

A minimum of $850 +gst for a back to back install.

What is a back to back installWhat is a back to back install?

This is where the inside airhandler is onthe inside of an external wall, and the condesing unit is on the ground directly outside.

What laws must be adhered to with installing a heat pump

The electricity act 1992 requires every new installation to be issued with an electrical code of compliance, issued by a registered electricien or a registered HVAC installer..

What are the risks of an improperly installed system?

Many risks, the worst is that you may be left without insurance cover if you suffer a fire from an improper install, the least being that your system does not work correctly and you have no warranty cover.

What credentials should i ask an installer to produce?

Firstly do not let any one start work in your home without sighting their public liability insurance cover certificate.

How much cover should an installer have?

Enough to completely replace your home , personal possesions and cover your accomadation whlie your home /office is being rebuilt or replaced $1 millio would be a bare minimun.

What other credentials should i ask to see from an installer?

A trade certificate in Refrigeration engineering, or HVAC Engineering or regisration as an electrician or HVAC installer.

Why are there so many people from china & india doing heat pump installations for what seems very cheap rates?

These immigrants have found that the average Kiwi is a trusting soul and these people hate to work on wages and refuse to pay taxes, they have no insurances or qualifications and are breaking the law and endangering the livlehoods of property owners and properly qualified and insured tradespeople, hence without any responsibility and no insurance and taxes to pay they can do a cheap and illegal job without fear of being chased down and punished by the toothless authorities – buyer beware.

How long does it take to install a heat pump?

The most basic install I personally have done took 6 hours including the time to instruct the owner on the systems operation & maintenance.

Why is it some installers can install 3 or more systems in a day?

They are taking some of the many unscrupilous shortcuts that unqualified operaters take in order to make as much money as they can from unsuspecting property owners buyer beware.

How long should a heat pump last?

If a quality system is installed properly by a qualified installer and regularly maintained 15 to 20 years.

What maintenance is required ?

For domestic installations a 6 monthly system check and cleaning carried out by a qualified engineer will be enough for commercial installations running during normal business hours requires a 3 monthly maintenance.

What is the cost of a maintenance visit from an engineer?

Costs start at $68 every 6 months.

Can i do my own maintenance ?

Yes ask your engineer to show you what is required but get him to visit every 2 years even if your system is going well.

Why do some aircon systems leak water?

Lack of maintenance, dirty filters , blocked drains etc.